On-Location Headshots

Having photos of departments or entire companies is a great way to give a consistent look of staff to potential clients. It also can be a benefit to the actual staff - a fun day and a cost-effective reward for great work. If you have groups of 5 or more, we can come to your location and set up a headshot studio in a conference room or studio. Below is a brief overview of how it works.


Once dates are agreed to, ExposurePhoto sends you a link to a cloud-based sign-up sheet for your team. You would then email that link to everyone who is going to get a headshot and they can pick their time slot. We recommend 30 minutes per person - but we can do it in as fast as 15 minutes per person.

We would need to get access to the space at least 2 hours in advance so we can set up the lights and backdrop. (Or, we can take care of that in advance if the space is secure.)

The "Day Rate" for the headshot photographer to come out and shoot your group is $495.

headshots on location

Headshot Time

The best way to capture a great expression or the personality of a person is to have time to work with a subject - and get them comfortable. We can shoot a headshot of a person in 15 minutes if necessary, but 20-30 minutes can really make a big difference.

So, if you have a lot of people to get to in a day, we can spend less time with each person. Or, in the case larger groups, we can schedule headshots over multiple days.

If people miss their appointment or if you hire people in the future, they can always have the option to come to our studio in Radnor PA 19087. This way, you  can keep your “look” the same among all staff.

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Best image(s) choosen

At the end of each session, we review the images with the person who just had their headshot. They, along with the photographer, choose the best one (or ones - depending on what the company/group is paying for).

Email Delivery

Within 3-5 business days, the images that were chosen are emailed to you (or directly to the person who had their headshot taken if you prefer). We need the 3-5 business days to send out all of the images to our professional retoucher to enhance each photo to make everyone look their best.

In addition to the "Day Rate" fee, there is a charge of $75 per digitally retouched image.

Corporate headshots

Book Your On-Location Headshot Session

Go to our Corporate Headshots page to see how our On-Location Headshot sessions work. Often, it's more helpful to chat on the phone or by email. You can reach us at 800-625-6280 For larger groups, we charge a "day rate" fee of $495 for a 5 hour session. This usually allows us to take headshots of 10 people. But, we're flexible. We can stay longer and take more headshots. We can also come to your location for multiple days. The price includes travel time and set up.  A $300 deposit paid to book your on-location headshots - and the balance is paid at the end of your session.

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